Sven Ole Skrivervik is Basefarms new CTO

Press release: “A natural next step was to switch to IT operations where cloud-based solutions plays an important role,” says Sven Ole Skrivervik.

Sven Ole Skrivervik has been active in the development of the Norwegian IT industry both on the supplier and customer side since the beginning of the 90s. He is leaving NextGenTel to join Basefarm as their CTO from January 1, 2018.

“I have been working all the way in IT and communications throughout my career. In my recent years, my main focus has been to combine technology with economics and strategy in a CTO role where I have led highly competent technology driven employees within future-oriented solutions. A natural next step was to switch to IT operations where cloud-based solutions plays an important role, “says Sven Ole Skrivervik.

Skrivervik experiences Basefarm as well positioned to enable and support customers digital development processes.

He started his career in his brother Helge’s “Skrivervik Data” in 1987 where he the following years participated in the fact that vendors like Cisco and Sun Microsystems became a success in the Norwegian market before joining an IT role at Kværner ASA. There the main focus was to standardize and develop IT solutions in a global Norwegian-based company. Thereafter he joint Sun Microsystems Norway where he got a key role as a product and technology manager at a time when Sun Microsystems more or less was synonymous with Internet development.

In the ISP company BlueCom, Skrivervik was then responsible for launching a national communications infrastructure to support DSL based deployment in the Norwegian market before continuing to Catch Communication and Ventelo Norway through acquisitions. Furthermore he worked as entrepreneur at Xperion, Director of Technology and Customer Service at Proact IT Norway from 2008 and CTO at Telio Telecom / NextGenTel from 2013 focusing on mobile services development.
Skrivervik has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Bergen in 1989 and a MBA from NHH in 2004.

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