SJ chooses Basefarm

Strengthens security efforts through centralised log monitoring service, based on machine learning, allowing analysis and reporting of thousands of IT security events per second.

SJ chooses Basefarm for automated information security support

Strengthens security efforts through centralised log monitoring service, based on machine learning, allowing analysis and reporting of thousands of IT security events per second.

SJ has entered into an agreement with IT Operations supplier Basefarm. The contract covers security services to further strengthen security and build an operative ability to monitor and manage up to 10,000 events per second. The agreement comprise monitoring and management of the central log service as well as an SOC service integrated with SJ’s normal Service Desk function.

The solution SJ has chosen contains machine learning for fast analysis of trends and potential threats. SJ’s investment is a response to the new IT security demands in GDPR and the NIS directives as well as internal ISO 27001-ISO work. The solution will help SJ continue to keep full control of security, as demands for digitalization, speed and integrity increase.

“Our function is growing and we are quickly becoming more dependent on increased digitalization,” said Willy Stjernudde, responsible for IT security at SJ. “To meet our customers’ demands and live up to external requirements like GDPR and the NIS directive, we need to find automated solutions to continue delivering high security and privacy. In the near future we will manage around 10,000 events per seconds, so we need a support system that will allow us to oversee and analyse such large data volumes in real time.”

Security logs are collected from different sources such as networks, digital channels and IoT units on SJ’s trains. Basefarm is supporting SJ by making available relevant technical competence, through a certified SOC service and a Nordic supply when it comes to consultants and data centres.

The SJ solution uses machine learning to identify potential deviations. If an anomaly is identified the security team at SOC is alerted, and as they are available around the clock, they will immediately analyse and implement necessary actions to solve the problem.


“From signing the agreement, it took three weeks for everything to be in place,” said Willy Stjernudde. “That has to be some kind of record, and we are very happy with the way Basefarm, and the other partners, have handled the process. Basefarm lives up to all the requirements we have on a supplier, including local storage and expertise, agility, experience and cost.”

Thanks to the new solution SJ can act in accordance with new legislation in an efficient way, when it comes to discovery and reporting of security incidents, especially relating to personal data.

“We’ve had a dialogue with SJ for some time as we realised our competence, experience and capacity was a good match to their tough demands,” said Fredrik Svantes, Head of Security Operations at Basefarm. “SJ is also a perfect example of a business where digital ability becomes a decisive factor for consumer experience. Now that the first project is in place, we’re currently working with SJ to further develop and increase our collaboration, which will benefit both business and consumers.”


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