Radar research: Basefarm Swedish “Leader in creating customer value”

Approximately 1000 Swedish organizations rated their IT-service providers based on customer value delivered

Stockholm, 6th December 2018: Basefarm is a Swedish “leader in creating operational, tactical and strategic value” with its customers during 2018, analyst firm Radar reveals in a recent large research report. Since 2011, Radar annually deploys a large research project regarding perceived quality and value received among customers. This year’s research, which is the largest qualitative study among IT decision-makers in the country when it comes to perceived customer value, engaged approximately 1,000 Swedish organizations in rating their IT service providers. In the research, Basefarm came out as the number 1 service provider in the IT infrastructure and operations category.

“It warms my heart that our customers recognize us in this way,” Sara Murby Forste, Swedish County Manager at Basefarm Sweden, said. “To us, the research results are proof that we have created an organization that has both the technology and the process expertise that customers are looking for. Collaborating closely with our customers, we aim to become an extension of the customer team, where we challenge each other and create solutions that transform the customers’ business. The research findings indicate that customers agree that this is a good approach”.

Basefarm fosters a company culture where employees take on big responsibilities, but also have the mandate to make decisions, implement solutions and continuously improve the customers’ businesses.

“We have a fantastic team and I am very proud to see how everyone engages in creating customer value day in and day out,” Sara Murby Forste. “They work in an environment defined by fast changing technologies and where they always need to stay on top of new developments regarding functionality, collaboration, security and integrity. Technology creates opportunities, but it is in the interaction between our teams and the customer that we create value.

The Radar recognition is the latest of several third-party endorsements that Basefarm has earned as a result of successful projects with its customers. For more information about the Radar recognition, please see https://radareco.se/r/2018/leverantorskvalitet/.


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