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Basefarm has participated in the development and worldwide beta test of HPE InfoSight for HPE 3PAR StoreServ.


Basefarm Beta Tests Artificial Intelligence from HPE that Drives Up Availability and Application Performance. Basefarm has participated in the development and worldwide beta test of HPE InfoSight for HPE 3PAR StoreServ. 

HPE InfoSight is the industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform for infrastructure.  Developed by HPE Nimble Storage, it predicts and prevents  issues that cause application disruptions and delays from storage to applications. With their plans to extend HPE InfoSight across their portfolio, HPE approached Basefarm to participate in beta testing the first release of HPE InfoSight for 3PAR.

“We have a strong relationship with the HPE global leadership team and as a consequence we were asked to give input to this product. In June 2017, we met those responsible for Technology R&D at HPE Nimble Storage. Since then we have participated in the design and prioritization of functionality in the first release for 3PAR StoreServ.” Morten Nyhuus-Eriksen Global Manager for Storage and Backup at Basefarm Group.

The first release of HPE InfoSight for 3PAR includes a new cloud portal that provides performance trending, capacity predictions, and cross-stack analytics that sees beyond storage. The cross-stack analytics are designed to save infrastructure administrators tremendous time managing virtualized infrastructure by pinpointing performance bottlenecks between storage and VMs.

Basefarm tested the cross-stack analytics in their 3PAR environments for two months between September to November. With more than 60 HPE 3PAR storage devices, Basefarm has one of Europe’s largest block storage technology installations, which is one of the most commonly used storage solution in the world.

Through HPE InfoSight, Basefarm now has visibility into their storage and virtual infrastructure. HPE InfoSight also includes best practice recommendations for proactive management.

Big data, hybrid cloud and mission-critical IT operations are at the centre of attention in the service provider industry, and storage serves a key role in these platforms. Storage was among Basefarm’s largest investment areas in 2017. Moreover, the company has increased its capacity from 1 PB to 20 PB over the last four years.

“Although the idea behind HPE InfoSight is obvious, it is easier said than done to create such a robust analytics solution. The reason is that storage is part of a comprehensive solution that includes SAN, servers, virtualization storage, operating systems and applications. It may be natural to point to storage as a possible source of issues. But the reason may, however, be elsewhere in the environment”, says Nyhuus-Eriksen, who presented Basefarm’s experience so far during HPE Discover 2017 in Madrid in November.

Predictive analytics is a key investment area for Basefarm’s operations. it’s not only important to predict future resource needs, but to anticipate problems before they can impact the business.

“HPE InfoSight gives us more than we expected in this first release. For example, we can see how different VM machines uses capacity, create noise and charge the system. Hence, we can allocate more CPU, memory or even move the virtual machines”, he says. “Finally, we have the single-pane of glass for all of our VMs and the analytics that show us the real cause to performance bottlenecks across our infrastructure stack.”

“The need for insight into storage environments is an obvious need and much demanded solution. However, it is challenging to realize this in practice because the storage environment itself interacts with an extensive set of other parameters,” says Morten Nyhuus-Eriksen.  “HPE InfoSight delivers the visibility that we’ve needed, which translates to better performance and availability for our customers”.

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