Top Ranked in outsourcing study


The 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study is conducted by Whitelane Research and PA Consulting group and Basefarm is very proud to get top results from customers, who is giving us a very high score (78%) when they were asked if they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied in general” with Basefarm.

This year, when participated for the first time, Basefarm is ranked top 4 in the Nordic survey. This in strong competition with both global and Nordic IT service providers. In the IT service provider’s division of data center and managed infrastructure services, the reviews from Basefarm’s customers give Basefarm an impressive number 2 position in the customer satisfaction ranking.  

Are you interested in the 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study?
Basefarm is happy to help you get a copy from Whitelane Research.



”We are very proud to be among the top 4 performers in customer satisfaction, and very pleased to see that we are ranked highest in service delivery.,” says Grethe Viksaas, CEO at Basefarm.


The voice of the customer
The study is based on the opinion of the IT service providers’ clients. In more than four years, customer satisfaction has been the main focus when Whitelane Research ranks the IT service providers in the Nordic countries—Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. There are both global and local IT service providers from four different domains in the study:

  • application development
  • data center and managed infrastructure services
  • network and telecommunications
  • end-user services (workplace, helpdesk)

In the Nordic study, close to 1,000 outsourcing contracts have been evaluated by 300 participants from the top IT spending organizations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Whitelane invites the participants to examine their IT service providers on eleven different key performance indicators (KPIs) as a basis for general customer satisfaction. Basefarm is ranked above average in all of the eleven evaluated KPIs.

“Our focus on close partnerships and innovation is the key to our customers’ great reviews”, Grethe continues. “Our long experience and in-depth expertise makes us an important partner to our customers. We are grateful that our hard work shows off in our customers’ reviews in the Whitelane Research Nordic IT outsourcing study.”

Are you interested in the 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study?
Basefarm is happy to help you get a copy from Whitelane Research

Get a deeper look on the result 

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Are you interested in the 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study? 
Basefarm is happy to help you get a copy from Whitelane Research*

* Whitelane Research are very strict regarding who will receive the study. Therefore, the study is reserved for the end customers, such as as CIO, IT manager, IT responsible and similar positions as well as the people who report to them. Other service providers and consulting firms are asked to contact Whitelane Research directly.