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What should you focus on in order to speed up your company’s digital transformation?

In this webinar series our experts will advice you on what to do with big data/AI and machine learning, cloud services and information security to speed up your innovation and win the digital race.

The webinar series is based on our newest report, where more than 200 IT decision makers has stated what they mean will be the most important focus areas and how far they are on their journey to win the digital race.

Sign up for all the webinars to get the full picture. Our experts on cloud, security and big data will go though the findings from the report:

Innovation, is it in your company culture or just a part of business development?
March 26, 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Innovation, is it in your company culture or just a part of business development?

There are many possibilities with big data and it can be difficult to grasp them all. Many companies have challenges such as making a strategic roadmap, the lack of business-oriented data mindset and that IT and management don’t understand what is needed to be truly data-driven. There is no return. Data is the new gold and we need to use it in a smart way to survive.


As a company grows innovation becomes part of business development rather than continue to be an essential part of the company culture or as many small companies say, “innovation is our soul and we challenge ourselves, our partners and our customers”. How can a growing company maintain its innovative power?

Stefan Månsby is Chief Evangelist & VP Big Data in Basefarm. He has a broad experience in the IT industry and has driven change in many organizations throughout the years. His main passion is digital innovation and he is a great photographer and music producer.


Insights from our Digital Ability reportCustomer example
Guide to move forward and start using your data in a smart way

Date: March 26

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm


Previous webinars

Unbalanced focus on security? - 5 ways to move forward

In large organizations, security is firmly on the daily agenda. Everyone knows that in the digital society we need to understand the threats and know how to protect our data and digital assets. The challenge is to balance security so it’s not a show-stopper for flexible innovation and development. We will share real life examples from our customers and give advice what to do as next step on your way to Security nirvana.


Esten Hoel, Quality&Security Manager in Basefarm will share a customer example and give advice on how to be secure whether you are a large or a small company


Insights from our Digital Ability report Customer example 
Guide to take the next step


Cloud transformation speeds up!

More than 50% of mid-sized companies are stating to harvest value or gearing up to get more benefits of their cloud transformation. Several large companies are lagging behind due to complex organization structures and slower decision making. Smaller companies seem to go straight from the Runway phase and with very little effort gaining advantage.


However, independently of their Digital Ability rating, they are all running into new challenges and need to address different top focus areas.

Find out more on how to deal with the different phases of your cloud transformation and enabling your competitive ability in this webinar where we present our Digital Ability Report.

Jan Aril Sigvartsen, Public Cloud Evanglist in Basefarm, will share real life examples and give advice on what to focus on in different phases of your journey with one or several public clouds. 


Insights from the Digital Ability Report
Customer examples
Guide to take the next step forward