Security Expertise


Basefarm offers full-coverage security. In addition to a dedicated Operational Security department (SecOps), we have a Basefarm Security Incident Response Team (BF-SIRT) composed of specialized experts to assist during security incidents.

Why Basefarm?

We provide the same security services as a pure security service provider, but you get the added benefit of working with a partner you already have a relationship with. You won’t need to invest time and money as we get to understand your business, challenges and operating environment, because we already know them.

Additionally, Basefarm has a team of 400 specialists throughout the whole range of infrastructure. Our security teams have direct access to other experts in a wide range of specialized technical disciplines.

Security is a necessity

In the past, it was mainly huge, high profile companies who were subjected to cyber sabotage, extortion and blackmail. Now malware automatically tests for vulnerabilities in the systems of any size company.

Our customers demand security, and they demand the newest and most advanced security solutions. Our Security Operations is a separate department within Basefarm, dedicated to providing the best security services that our customers need.



Our SecOps team is made up solely of security professionals whose only job is to keep you secure. They do this by providing security services, but also by working with other operations and customer teams within Basefarm to make sure they are following the best security practices and using the best technical solutions.

SecOps have the full lifecycle responsibility for security and compliance. We design, implement, roll out and maintain security services. SecOps offers services such as web application firewalls, vulnerability assessments, multi factor authentication services, penetration testing, intrusion detection, and security information and event management solutions. We also are responsible for areas like security service design, implementation, reporting, presale support and vulnerability management.


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