High-Touch Service


More than just a service

We work interactively with you as a partner. You will have a single-point-of-contact (SPOC), a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who is the link between you and Basefarm’s service team. In addition, this SPOC can also handle enquiries from any relevant third parties, for example, your development partners; and will coordinate cases and follow-ups. Centralized responsibility speeds responses to queries and provides efficiency gains that lower your administration costs, for example, related to vendor follow-up.

The team consists of experts on the software Basefarm runs for you, and on the infrastructure it runs on. Equally important, they see the forest for the trees—the big picture, and they can function proactively as an advisory service that provides strategic, technical, and practical suggestions that will be advantageous for your operation and ultimately for your business. They can help you unlock the full value of your mission critical applications; and the better these applications function, the stronger they differentiate you from your competitors.

Also, the service team is there to support you 24/7/365 with their knowledge, capabilities, and skills. They ensure that your service requirements are met and that services are provided according to agreement. The service team’s processes are based on ITIL’s IT Service Management approach together with Basefarm’s best practices.

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