Glocal cloud


Are you interested in utilizing all the benefits of the cloud? Many companies find themselves in a legacy it-infrastructure; it's functioning but is costly and not future-proof. Dedicated platforms are expensive to maintain, companies who have their own datacenters and in-house it-departments have to, not only take all the investments themselves, but also have to ensure continuous competence building and education of their staff. This is very difficult to manage since the development of your company and investments you normally make, go to the core business and not the supporting systems around it. This leads to the possible effect of falling behind in your own product development.

Business are changing faster and it is becoming harder for IT-departments to be agile to the business needs. Today things are moving so fast you might need to dynamically new functions or capacity. The business cannot afford to wait weeks or even months for new or added services today, which actually many companies have to.

Utilizing the cloud

In IT, the development goes fast and the last couple of years the technology of virtualization has been transforming the way we build the IT-infrastructure. Giving us benefits like the possibility to launch new services fast without exhausting implementation projects, huge investments and the corresponding risks. Utilizing the cloud has the potential to make your company more cost efficient, ability to adapt to your market changes quickly, and ensure you follow the development. Looking a few years forward, IT-infrastructure will be like buying electricity; you plug your cable in the wall and pay for usage. You don't want to operate your own electricity company. Utilizing a dynamic cloud platform will bring advantage and edge over competitors.

Security has been on everyone’s mind

There are of course risk. Security has been on everyone’s mind ever since Amazon launched the first cloud services. Where is the data? Compliance with local laws? And with the latest Snowden-scandal, proving American authorities have spy software installed in many of the American giants, the security issue is becoming even greater. Amazon and the like, now offer the choice of nominating the region where your data will reside but there is still the issue of the NSA and the Patriot Act. We meet many companies which have great concerns in placing their mission critical data in the cloud.

There are good alternatives

But there are very good alternatives out there today that gives you the benefits of cloud as well as handling the security concerns. Basefarm and other local players offer cloud platforms that are physically located in Europe and local markets not falling under American laws. With the possibility to choose public multi-tenant cloud or, for even higher security level, private cloud, you will get the benefits of the cloud as well as ensuring the highest security level possible. Other areas to also take into consideration are the level of support and managed services. If you require management of your applications and handling of different suppliers with single-point-of-contact (SPOC) or you have mission critical services that need to be operated and managed 24/7, it is prudent  to choose local cloud vendors. You don't want to find yourself with your mission critical, revenue generating platform, suddenly having availability issues, calling your cloud vendor and getting an answer from them "please state on which installation you have an error". No, you want to hear:" yes we can see you are having disturbances and are handling it."

From legacy to modern cloud platform

Going from a legacy infrastructure to a modern cloud platform is, however, not always an easy transformation and there are many factors to take into consideration. We often recommend making the transition in steps, starting with moving over existing applications to a hybrid cloud platform, utilizing private or public cloud in combination with dedicated servers. Not all applications can run inthe cloud and, while updating your applications to modern and standardized technology, you move forward in controlled steps adding more and more flexibility and functionality as well as improving your efficiency and the possibility to scale your platform seamlessly. It will also affect people and processes since we are changing the interfaces between the business and IT. This will lead to changes with the current roles and responsibilities.


Outsourcing your IT-infrastructure is a good alternative to keep ahead and get the benefits of modern and advanced systems for storage or DDoS-protection systems that would be immensely expensive to operate on your own. You get access to experts to optimize your solution and work close with your development team and don't have to worry about if your own staff are up to speed and have competence on all new technology.

In summary, cloud is the future. It could be global or local, shared or private, it can provide the security level you need, and it can enhance and grow your business. Contact our specialists for more information or advice on moving your IT-solution to a future-proof and secure cloud infrastructure.  Basefarm can tailor a solution to meet your needs with the option to add managed services and dedicated customer teams. Move your business to a new level with Basefarm and cloud computing.