Configuring & maintenance


Configuration of the applications we manage for you

Basefarm installs, configures, and supervises the applications we operate for you. Our proprietary configuration management tool DAM ensures exact and consistent configuration of your applications, both on a single server and across complex redundant systems. It gives us full control of all software installations, even when they number in the thousands. The configuration you want can be standard or customized for you. We work with you to define the optimal configuration. And we are responsible for ensuring that your applications perform in accordance with predefined benchmarks.

DAM automates the management of our installations. It contains all relevant information including existing resources in your network. Our real-time monitoring gives statistics on usage, thresholds, etc. so you can quickly adjust capacity and configuration according to your needs. You get the scalability and operational flexibility you want. The cost of operating your mission critical applications remains highly competitive; we also think of your bottom line.

Proactive monitoring

All managed applications are carefully monitored. Basefarm is responsible for ensuring that they function as intended in accordance with predefined benchmarks. These benchmarks entail, for example, parameterizing, measuring, and monitoring status codes, health checks, dummy applications, test databases, etc. We monitor, for instance, the fill degree of database tables and other important threshold values in the software that are affected by customer use. Meticulous monitoring enables us to find, and more importantly, to eliminate disturbances to the operation of the applications at the core of your business before they affect your end-users. Moreover, we will suggest improvements based on what the monitoring tells us.

Judicious maintenance

Basefarm is responsible for updating, upgrading, and patching your Basefarm-installed software. To ensure stability, software that is working optimally is updated or upgraded only after we consult you and get your approval.