Transfer the Oracle EXADATA in less than four months


Earlier this year, SBAB shortened their response time for their most business critical systems by 7 million seconds, by allowing Basefarm to deliver a stable operating platform. To the question why SBAB chose to deepen their partnership with Basefarm, Jan Stenkvist, Senior Vendor Manager at SBAB, replies “we appreciate Basefarm’s professionalism, their stability and their continuous innovations.”

There’s an ever-increasing competition on the finance market among lenders, pushing them to fight harder to gain customers’ trust. So, being ahead of the game becomes crucial. SBAB Bank AB (a stat owned bank in Sweden) positioning themselves as front runners when it comes to the digital customer meeting. To be at the forefront requires dedicated partners, someone who understands the challenge and who’s reliable, competent and big on safety. After several successful collaborations, SBAB chose Basefarm as their long-term supplier of stable operations. Moving Oracle’s Exadata platform to Basefarm was a significant first step, one that was praised for its quick and safe implementation.

Availability and efficiency in the digital workspace

SBAB’s vision is to offer Sweden’s best mortgage loans with a unique customer experience that is far beyond the usual. Oracle’s Exadata platform, which is managed by Basefarm, enables a digital customer meeting characterized by operational stability and accessibility.

The platform allows for efficient and high availability all throughout the web, which enables customers to reach their account information whenever they need it. They can easily look up balances, transactional information and other data regarding their savings and loans. The work to move the Exadata platform to Basefarm began at the end of 2016, with a deadline in April 2017.

“SBAB consistently adapts and changes in accordance to the demands our customers have. Being able to do their business online was important for them, so it’s important to us. Therefore, part of the sourcing-strategy was to relocate the Exadata platform before the summer,” says Jan Stenkvist, Senior Vendor Manager at SBAB.


Moving the Exadata platform – in less than four months

The biggest challenge of this project was to move the platform before the deadline, which was less than four months away. Daniel Alenius, Chief Operating Officer at SBAB, emphasizes that Basefarm’s previous experience with close-knit teamwork was the foundation for the trust they had for Basefarm. “We feel confident in Basefarm’s extensive experience in spear-heading complex projects. This experience, in combination with our previous collaborations and their well-functioning relationship with Oracle, gives us a firm belief that Basefarm will be a strategic IT service provider for SBAB for a long time.”

Oracle follows suit and also praises Basefarm for the quick and safe move of the Exadata platform. Jeff Grenier, Converged Infrastructure Sales Director, says “I’m very impressed with Basefarm’s speed and accuracy in getting SBAB’s Exadata platform migrated and operationally ready in such a short time. It’s very satisfying to see the amazing cooperation between SBAB, Basefarm and Oracle.”


A more flexible workflow

SBAB’s previous workflow was in accordance to the ticket-model. This means that when an order was placed, you had to await a response in order to move forward. Through their new collaboration with Basefarm, the questions are instead raised at project management level, enabling a more agile work method. “We’re convinced that one of the success factors in this complex project was that we were working together with a knowledgeable and experienced partner from the very beginning.”


Everyone brought something to the table

In hindsight, everyone can agree on the fact that the partnership was a huge success. The project group that was appointed to manage the task succeeded in delivering the expected results within the set deadline. Both Basefarm and SBAB contributed with their respective skills in order to ensure the success of the project. They both brought extensive experience with providing secure operations of IT systems, with high accessibility and performance requirements. Jan continues, “As I look back at the project, I can proudly say that through the teamwork of competent and devoted employees and with lots of planning, management and follow-up, we have established a new operating environment in under four months – and in accordance to the budget.”

“I’m extremely grateful for both the strong commitment of our employees and for the experience that Basefarm has contributed to the project. This has resulted in SBAB being able to provide a top-class IT environment for our customers, both in regards to response times and availability,” Daniel concludes.


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