Web application firewall


As infrastructure, perimeters and communication lines have been hardened and tuned in the last years to stop vulnerabilities, attackers have upped their game and are now spending an increased amount of time in attempting to breach your web application.

Automated and inter-application attacks

Attacks hitting these technical environments are getting smarter and smarter, and there is a fast growth in automated and inter-application attacks. Traditional firewalls and other security tools do not solely focus on the security of applications, but focus more
on overall security for the total solution and communication lines. These do stop most unwanted traffic, but not all.  This is where a Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution comes into play.

WAF explained

Basefarm Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a hardware-based defense service that protects against application threats like scrapers, BOTs, application attacks, brute force, cross site scripting and SQL injections.

WAF is an addition that complements our traditional network firewall, operating on a higher layer in the network stack to secure your application. With our security manifest (explained on the right-hand side) we make sure that the functionality of the service is never outdated. Basefarm offers a cyclical approach, based on a monthly security scan of your environment.

The monthly cycle

Basefarm Managed WAF service consists of two parts; a security manifest and a WAF engine (hardware).

The security manifest consists of the following tasks: 

  • Monthly security scan and report
  • Analysis of test/scan results and recommendations by network/security specialists
  • Building and testing of WAF rules
  • Implementation of the recommended security rules to the WAF

Security and performance

Keeping your website and applications safe while at the same time maximizing user interaction and end-user experience is a huge challenge. Security must be handled without compromising performance.

The optimal solution for your environment

Assured performance – Through our solid infrastructure components and experience, you receive a scalable solution that assures the performance of your technical environment.

Accurate protection – Our cyclical security manifest gives an accurate solution that is never outdated. We spend continuous effort ensuring protection against the latest threats. Documented change regimes and audit trails inform which threats have been found and adjusted for.

Low cost of ownership – You pay for the service you receive, not for the infrastructure or threat management.

Our emphasis on security

Few hosting providers offer full-coverage security in their operations. Thus, clients are often forced to consult safety experts when security concerns are forced upon them after a major incident or when they belatedly need to review their de facto operational security. Basefarm focuses on security across the entire service lifecycle, you reap the benefits.

Security across the entire service lifecycle

  • In the architecture of the operating platform
  • In your mission critical applications
  • Our cloud infrastructure is safely placed in our secure datacenters; in Scandinavia and the Netherlands
  • We keep you informed during any security incidents
  • We implement preventive measures to protect against future threats

Security in our DNA

  • PCI DSS 3.0 level 1-service provider
  • ISO 27001-certified
  • Tier 1-network
  • ITIL-framework
  • Quality handbooks
  • Service level agreement
  • Member of FIRST.org
  • Advanced security products
  • Security Incident Response Team (SIRT)