Managed Vulnerability scan


Managed Vulnerability Scan is a service that matches the new need for continuous security scans. The service consists of two parts, Detectify's automated security scan platform and the analysis and support from Basefarm's certified security experts. This provides you with continuous security scanning that is combined with a proactive security analysis based on your company's prerequisites. This service will radically help you raise the level of security for both application and web. Continuity in the security work is established through monthly meetings.

You’ll get

  • Customized vulnerability testing that is based on your applications
  • Continuous testing that will ensure that your applications are safe
  • Proactive analyses and support during monthly follow-up meetings
  • Help to structure and prioritize your efforts with web security
  • Assistance in sharing information and increasing the company-wide knowledge level

The service includes

  • Three targets*
  • Unlimited number of tests*
  • Auto-generated reports*
  • Access to the web portal, with an overview and prioritization of vulnerabilities*
  • Large amount of security tests, including OWSAP top 10 which is accompanied by over 400 other tests. Basefarm is also continuously increasing the number of tests
  • A scan is performed every month by Basefarm’s Security Incident Response Team (SIRT)
  • Follow-up meetings each month with a review of the tests and recommended actions
  • Tailored testing to suit your applications
  • Ability to share the results with the entire company
  • Export the results as PDF, JSON or XML
  • Integrate with your existing tools. Compatible with Trello, Slack, Jura, HipChat and more


*Vulnerability Scan powered by Detectify simulates intrusion attempts on your website. It will detect critical security issues and allow you to take corrective action before a real hacker finds it. You will receive an automated performance report on a monthly basis which will allow you to correct your security issues - before they become critical. This will be your foundation for ensuring a secure website.

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