Storage and Backup


Storage and backup services are keystones of a robust platform on which to run your mission-critical applications.

Storage services

Basefarm’s high-availability storage solutions deliver the storage your environment requires and supports your needs regarding performance, solidity, and cost-efficiency. These resilient, platform-independent storage solutions deliver guaranteed high availability.

Our fully-redundant storage solutions enable you to share data between servers or datacenters regardless of platform, thus, contributing to the stability of your platform and applications. Their design enables quick and smooth capacity scaling. You can scale your capacity to the needs of the day and pay only for the storage reserved for you.

Backup services

Basefarm’s backup services protect you from hardware and software failures and other errors that may result in a loss of data and configuration. They automatically create copies of your environment that can restore your mission critical functions and recreate system data in case of such losses. Our backup services restore data without interfering with your end-user services.

Restore and rollback is performed according to documented procedures, or it can be initiated by your request. In both cases, it is carried out according the service level you have selected. Our backup and restore services minimize downtime of your environment and thus limit the impact on your organization.

We deliver

  • Redundant setup;
  • Dynamic and scalable capacity model – you pay only for what you need;
  • Proactive capacity monitoring and management;
  • Support 24/7.

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