Security methods and processes


It is important to choose a service provider that has the right methods and processes in place in order to guarantee business continuity. We are certified according to these standards, and we also follow the ITIL-framework for service delivery.


As a level 1 PCI DSS service provider, we leverage our expertise to tailor PCI DSS compliant environments for our customers. By offering a complete solution, we guarantee the highest level of security for your environment. We also advise and evaluate which solution will work best for your specific situation.

ISO 27001

Basefarm is certified with the ISO 27001 information security standard. Our customers and partners can rest assured that our entire delivery process operates according to the highest of security standards. One example is that we continually run security awareness training sessions for all our employees, to ensure that we always have security high up on the agenda.


Our security experts, the Basefarm Security Incident Response Team (BF-SIRT), identifies, nullifies, and obstructs security threats. Our SIRT continuously handles security incidents, and will when needed assist our system managers with vulnerability management. This is to ensure we have a proactive response to the vulnerability, rather than a reactive one when the vulnerability has already been exploited by an attacker. Detailed security-event data and security measures are reported to our customers. Follow our SIRT-blog in order to get the latest updates on information securtity from Basefarm.


Basefarm's SIRT is a member of (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), which is an international organization for trusted SIRTs and CERTs (Community Emergency Response Team)  that meet the stringent requirements needed to join this organization. International companies involved are for example Apple, AT&T, Interpol, Juniper, NASA and Symantec. Through our membership in FIRST, we have access to multiple other organizations who focus on security, and we therefore get first hand insight on vulnerabilities and on-going attacks worldwide. We can therefore act fast and proactive in case of a cyber-threat.


ITIL is the industry best-practice framework for managing IT service delivery and operations. At Basefarm we have implemented mature and effective operational processes based upon the ITIL standards, that ensure the expectations of our customers are met and exceeded.  This applies not only to Service Design and Service Operation but also through each phase of Service Transition, all with a keen observance of all security management principles. A sophisticated continual service improvement program means that we are always developing new methodologies to better support the needs and expectations of our customers.