PCI DSS platform


Does your company handle high volumes of payment card transactions and have extremely high security requirements? Then, our PCI DSS Enterprise solution is the solution you need to securely handle this confidential payment data.

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standard specifies requirements for companies that transmit, process, or administer payment card numbers. This includes requirements for procedures, access control, and logging, as well as for regular checks and audits by approved auditors to ensure that requirements and regulations are met.

Developing and maintaining a compliant PCI DSS environment yourself is an expensive and demanding exercise. Instead, you could connect directly to Basefarm’s dedicated PCI DSS platform and benefit from a fully-compliant PCI DSS solution, tangible cost-efficiencies, and the ability to focus more on your key business issues.

Our platform is a completely separated and robust infrastructure environment that meets the highest possible security requirements. The platform is designed and built to meet even PCI DSS’ top-tier level 1 requirements; mandatory for companies with over six million transactions per year.

Top-level PCI DSS Service Provider

As a level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider, we aim at leveraging our expertise to tailor PCI DSS compliant environments for our customers. By offering you a complete solution, ranging from network services to application management, we guarantee the highest level of security for your environment. We act as an advisor and evaluate which solution will work best for your situation. We always assess which parts of the solution need to be connected to our platform to reduce scope and cost, thus protecting the essential parts. Achieving level 1 PCI DSS compliance is a long and expensive process. By choosing our PCI DSS Enterprise solution, you only pay a fixed monthly fee to connect to our platform rather than developing and maintaining a PCI DSS compliant environment yourself.

Everything works as it should

Ensuring that you meet the payment industry requirements is a continuous process and staying up-to-date can be a considerable drain on costly resources.

Using the PCI DSS Enterprise solution, you place your code in a robust and meticulously tested environment. This environment guarantees that everything works as it should, not only today, but also in the future. It also means that you avoid investing a considerable amount of time and money in developing and maintaining your own PCI DSS platform.

Avoiding unnecessary fines

With the rapid increase in payment card usage, the risks of using an environment that is not approved and compliant with the payment industry standards increase as well. Fines for not working according to these standards are expensive and become more expensive each year. The very real threat of fines compels more and more companies to purchase a ready-made PCI DSS environment from a professional service provider.

Building trust with your customer

Compliance to PCI DSS not only benefits you; it benefits your customers. They want to feel secure when transmitting their payment information online. By operating on a PCI DSS platform, you can guarantee the integrity and security they demand. You gain customers’ confidence. Moreover, you can demonstrate that their information is handled securely.

We deliver

  • Proven track record for handling complex PCI DSS projects;
  • Ability to tailor PCI DSS platforms to serve performance needs;
  • Total PCI DSS compliance perspective; we assist you;
  • Close collaboration with your IT department to simplify compliancy.

Key benefits

  • Avoid unnecessary costs by minimizing the scope of your PCI DSS platform;
  • Increased security and simplicity in security and compliance audits.

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