OS Management


Basefarm operating system (OS) management handles every aspect of OS management from automated installation, patching, and updates to problem solving and performance optimization. We monitor your OS around the clock. Basefarm’s OS management is a cost-effective way to perform the otherwise burdensome and complex work of handling OS patches and upgrades. The changes are made according to an agreed schedule using efficient and structured methods; no surprises.

Basefarm OS management significantly boosts the reliability, security, and performance of your infrastructure.  

By using our OS management solution, you gain solid expertise in Linux, Solaris and Windows Server operating systems. Our service guarantees that your technical environment has a rock-solid engine on which to securely run your applications.

What is included

Basefarm’s OS management service provides full operation and maintenance of Linux, Solaris and Windows Server operating systems. This full-coverage service includes: installation, updates, maintenance, back-up, troubleshooting, error handling, and performance optimization.

Certified Engineers

Many of our technicians have worked with “their” operating systems ever since its introduction. They know their operating systems inside-out and can deliver a perfect solution that fully meets your requirements.

Our engineers are certified Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). 

Automated Installation

We always strive to optimize the delivery of all our services. To that end, we have invested in automating our services and processes to provide higher efficiency and top-class security. Our automated server installation installs and deploys clusters of servers of the same top quality almost in the blink of an eye; of great value to customers who need agile, trouble-free scalability of their operation.

Performance Optimization

To provide a stable and secure application platform, we make sure that your operating system always features the patches and updates you need. Simple patches are routinely installed. Larger updates are tested and verified in dedicated test environments before installation. The installation is coordinated with you to minimize any impact on your environment and operations.

All installations are optimized for maximum security and performance. We monitor significant processes in the operating system 24/7. We inform you about the functioning of your solution (for example CPU and memory usage) via our customer portal. We ensure that superfluous services not relevant to the service, or which may compromise security, are stopped and permanently removed. We continuously work to provide you an optimally functioning platform to operate on.

Managed Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the leading GNU/Linux distribution for the server segment.

Major software vendors place requirements on the operating system for their products. Among the selection of GNU/Linux distributions, RHEL is clearly preferred by the majority and often is the only distribution for a specific customer application. Basefarm is specialized in operating RHEL on a 64-bit Intel platform.

How we manage Linux

The installation of RHEL is fully automatic once all pre-selections have been made. The installation is done by our comprehensive configuration management tool, DAM. Thus we can quickly and easily configure, install, and rebuild your specific configuration.

Opeating systems must of couse be updated and maintained to be stable over time. We use Red Hat tools to keep the OS up to date. These updates are executed centrally via our DAM tool. This gives us control and an agile and cost-effective common methodology for managing the operating systems.

We deliver

  • Centralized user management;
  • Highly experienced, certified engineers;
  • Automated installation;
  • Centralized configuration management;
  • Patch management;
  • Process and disk monitoring.

Managed Windows

Windows Server has the widest distribution and largest growth among all server operating systems. It is the natural platform for ASP.NET applications, the Microsoft .NET framework, IIS web server and XML web services. Windows Server is also the Microsoft SQL Server platform. Basefarm’s OS management provides the operation and maintenance of the Windows Server OS family on 32 and 64-bit Intel architecture. We support the Web-, Standard-, Enterprise, and Datacenter editions. These editions have significant differences regarding functionality, supported hardware, architecture, and price; our Windows Server specialists are ready to advise you on the right edition for your requirements and applications.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Basefarm has demonstrated that it has extensive knowledge of Microsoft products, and that we offer our customers incomparable service in this area. Furthermore, we have many senior engineers with the right Windows Server expertise and certifications ready to assist you.

How we manage Windows

Our comprehensive configuration management tool, DAM, automates the installation and deployment of updates as part of our Windows Server management. Should you need to expand your number of servers, DAM can quickly and easily install the same configuration on the additional servers.

All Windows Servers in our operation are included in an update regime; our central updating systems keep track of which servers require which updates and patches at any time and deploy them. We always notify you well in advance if we are planning to deploy any updates or patches on your environment. While this process is fully automated, we always have personnel ready to intervene if required.

We deliver

  • Operation of Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012;
  • Centralized user management;
  • Certified Windows engineers;
  • Automated installation and updates;
  • Process and disk monitoring.

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