Network Services


Network services form the backbone of your internet environment. We ensure that our network environment offers your business a secure, stable, yet flexible platform.

Basefarm’s network services are built on proven techniques to insure constant high quality and high availability. The solutions are fully redundant—if a network component fails, its functionality is immediately and seamlessly taken over by a mirrored backup component. You get uninterrupted top-level service.

For extra protection, you can distribute your tailored infrastructure across our different datacenters. If something occurs to one datacenter, our fail-safe technology enables another to seamlessly take over all operations. Distributing your operations across our datacenters can also provide advantages by optimally handling your traffic from different geographies.

By using the most recent technologies and A-brand hardware, we can offer you a stable and future-proof network environment that matches your most stringent requirements for security, availability, and throughput.

Load balancing

To obtain the scalability, availability, and performance you want, it is often advisable to distribute the traffic to your application across multiple resources. Our load balancing service handles these access streams, and ensures an optimal distribution of traffic to your web- and application servers and efficient handling of potential server dropouts. 

Managed firewall

Our firewall service uses robust and scalable firewall platforms to ensure flexible, high performance security services to our customers. This service includes the operation and maintenance of all firewall-related hardware and software in the platform, including setup, monitoring, and error handling.

Continuous improvement

The experience of our certified and competent engineers and technicians has enabled us to develop a best-practice network management. We work continuously to improve automation processes and templates for implementing our network services, and to provide our customers with cost-efficient delivery, controlled changes, and expert management. This results in lower installation- and implementation costs, while increasing operational quality and predictability.

We deliver

  • Full Basefarm network management – no third-party interference;
  • Redundant load balancing and firewalls;
  • Most recent technology and A-brand hardware;
  • Quick and easy capacity scaling;
  • Short delivery time; short time to value.

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