Microsoft Azure Cloud Services


When it comes to cloud services, people prioritize different attributes. For some, speed and agility are the most important, while for others, security and policy top the list. In order to be truly beneficial for your business, Azure is compatible with other resources, ranging from internal directory services to developmental tools. With a long experience of the Azure cloud platform, we offer professional advice in line with your business needs. We take full responsibility for Azure’s services. Furthermore, we help you design your service to suit your business requirements of the application.


Advantages of Basefarm’s Azure service

  • The efficiency and availability of your applications increase
  • Azure is compatible with traditional and existing services
  • Quicker development cycle since no new hardware needs to be installed
  • Access to a stable, scalable and secure IT environment whenever you need it
  • Lower capital cost since it is replaced by a more predictable operating cost
  • Quick and easy response time to the company’s changing needs
  • Sharpened competitiveness

Why should you choose Basefarm as your Azure supplier?

Guidance and advice throughout the entire operation

  • Support as well as guidance in the production process
  • Security, monitoring and warning systems
  • Analysis and cost management

We will help you increase security levels while providing a more comprehensive view of your applications in Azure.

Frontline monitoring and incident management

  • 24/7 monitoring and support of your critical systems
  • Incident management in line with your routines
  • Support for multiple monitoring systems

We provide an attentive management and control of your critical incidents.

Managed cloud with platform operations

  • Complete management of Azure applications
  • Complete management of Azure’s licenses, costs and conditions
  • Local service delivery management

With us, you’ll get secure, smooth and compatible cloud operations.


A quick and safe road to Azure through Basefarm

From a brainstorm session to reality. From an idea to Azure. We offer a full service; from installation to test environments; full implantation of all operating platforms; management services with monitoring, support and reporting. On top of this, we also offer continuous development and 24/7 incident management.

Safety and transparency first

Innovation and Transformation

  • Proof of concept
  • Risk analysis
  • Cloud workshop

Strategic advice and technical implementation

  • Implementation of applications
  • Transformation guidance
  • Cloud management stack
  • Cloud advice

Managed services

  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Protection and security
  • Patching and backup management
  • Identity and access management
  • Incident management

Cloud connect for Azure express route

Basefarm cloud connect is a secure link between our server halls and Azure’s public clouds. This service is a good fit for customers who require predictable response times and a secure data traffic flow between Basefarm and Azure’s services.


Amazing development cycles with Azure

With Basefarm as a hybrid cloud partner, Q-Free Parking was able to launch new solutions with Microsoft Azure as a platform. Azure’s services allow the innovation rate to be several times quicker than before the implementation of Azure. By being involved early in the process, Basefarm’s consultants contribute to a safe production throughout the entire process.

“The development is constantly moving forward. We needed a partner who had the competence to manage different cloud services, enabling us to make the right choice. Once we started using cloud services, we could ensure long-term optimization of operating costs.”
- Kristina Bergstad, VP Parking in Q-Free


This is why Azure is an awesome cloud platform


Azure has over 100 services with amazing tools, they range from test environments to final delivery and analysis.


Develop and distribute wherever it is convenient for you with the only hybrid cloud service on the market. Expand your local Azure distribution with Azure Stack. Learn more about Azure Stack here!

Powerful service for the production of dynamic and intelligent apps

Create intelligent apps with powerful data and artificial intelligence services.


Join startups, government agencies and 90% of the Fortune 500 companies who rely on Microsoft Cloud services today.


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