Managed Services


Professionally managing applications and end-user services in complex environments is always challenging. For example, different systems and technologies are rarely optimized to interact. At the same time, continuous availability is a precondition for a better user-experience.

At the Managed Services level, we take complete responsibility for the availability of your solution, regardless of complexity, while maintaining the agreed upon availability. Combined with scalable services and adequate performance, this delivers you the best possible solution available. Predictability is key. 

Our approach

  • Complete service responsibility
    We ensure end-to-end service availability by taking operational responsibility and providing dedicated service management. We guarantee your continuity in business processes;
  • Handling high complexity
    We take operational responsibility for complex architectures and systems and take overall ownership in your technology value chain by ensuring availability between internal and external activities.
  • Maintaining high availability
    By using our unique tooling, robust technology and broad expertise, we ensure efficient scaling of all components in any layer. We guarantee availability of mission critical services and business processes through fully redundant solutions and datacenters.
  • Business continuity
    To guarantee that your technical solution is giving your business the availability and performance it needs, we have dedicated service management professionals in place. They assist you in securing the continuity of your technical solution.

Single Point of Contact

Our expertise in managing mission critical end-user services makes certain that you have a solution that matches the comprehensive demands your business might have. We make sure that every single technology component of your environment can properly interact. If we cannot support every single technology ourselves, we cooperate with partners to provide you the best solution. Should we need third-parties to complete your solution, we make sure that you have a single point of contact (SPOC) to save you any unnecessary communicative hassle.

Session Monitoring

Our Basefarm Session Monitoring tool is at the heart of our Managed Services offering. It is completely integrated in our monitoring system and accessible through our customer portal. It is ideal for monitoring the critical functionalities of your operating platform. We make sure that you are always aware of the performance of your solution.

Performance testing

Once your solution is up and running, you want to be assured of guaranteed high performance. The Basefarm performance test is a powerful tool-supported methodology for performance testing of end-user services. We have the necessary prerequisites to identify any bottlenecks and the roots of problems in the hardware, databases, application servers and application code in your operational platform. The performance testing can be provided upon request and implemented for a project or on a self-service basis.

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