Managed Colocation


Basefarm managed colocation puts your components in a state-of-the-art datacenter and provides you with both geographical and physical access, as well as 24/7 support.

Unparalleled infrastructure

Basefarm’s colocation boosts your operational confidence because the service guarantees that you always have the possibility to scale capacity, if and when you need to; and the infrastructure on which you place your hardware is of the highest quality. For example, all dedicated hardware is connected to redundant power supplies and, if supported by hardware, to shared Gigabit Ethernet switches for connection to our network cloud/trunk network (backbone).

Ensured availability

Managed colocation is also a means to ensure constant availability of crucial services. Basefarm managed colocation includes service and maintenance of all hardware and infrastructure that is procured by us, this way faulty parts can be replaced at any time. This way your applications will always be delivering what they are supposed to, no matter what.

Maximum security

Furthermore, our managed colocation service ensures maximum security against disasters, such as unauthorized entrance and power outages. Your hardware is stored safely, in a datacenter that is always supervised and protected.

A Basefarm colocation solution will provide the performance and stability you need when it comes to climate, air quality, and power lines. You rest assured that no unauthorized personnel can gain access to your machines and data.

Hardware maintenance

  • Server and component maintenance included;
  • On-site spare part stock for fast restore;
  • Service agreements with third party.


  • You minimize the costs associated with downtime because the service is built with the highest quality by experienced operational experts. You pay only for the capacity you actually need. This provides a predictable cost structure;
  • You free up time and resources for other tasks than server operations because our rock-solid infrastructure makes it easy to set up the environment as a secondary site. It is also easy to transfer it from where it is located today;
  • If you are rigged for growth, our solution makes sure that the service you get is scaled so that your business can grow. You will have access to expert advisors who can give you the solution you need for today and for tomorrow.

Key features

  • Operation and maintenance of dedicated hardware in rack;
  • Operational responsibility for physical and virtual hardware in the operation platform;
  • Connection to redundant firewall;
  • Connection to name services;
  • Connection to redundant network connection to Internet.

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