OpenShift as a Service


Basefarm’s OpenShift as a Service solution allows you to quickly and efficiently develop, host and scale applications in a cloud environment. This complete, integrated, hybrid platform as a service (PaaS) is a result of Basefarm’s partnership with Red Hat which delivers Openshift.

Your benefits

  • Expedite innovation to market;
  • Accelerate application development;
  • Increase operational efficiency;
  • Lower IT infrastructure and development platform costs per application;
  • Enable DevOps and department-wide collaboration.

Basefarm’s OpenShift as a Service automates and integrates the development and operations pipeline into DevOps, so applications can be built, tested and released more rapidly and reliably. It uses Docker containers and the Kubernetes container cluster manager for a fast and efficient solution. OpenShift is created for traditional applications as well as next-generation mobile and cloud microservices.

What’s next?
Do you have an upcoming application project? Make it your lighthouse project for next generation application development with containers, DevOps and microservices. OpenShift as a Service from Basefarm is the perfect platform to get started.

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Short time to market - openshift as a service, BasefarmDevOps OpenShift as a Service: Openshift as a Service from Basefarm to improve your workflow for application development, leveraging Kubernetes, Docker and DevOps.

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Microservices - openshift as a service basefarmMicroservices can increase productivity and improve profits in app development. Learn more about this architecture in Basefarm’s OpenShift as a Service.

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Kubernetes platform - Basefarm openshift as a service

The Kubernetes platform automates the deployment, scaling and operation of application containers. See how it works in OpenShift as a Service by Basefarm.

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Docker - Basefarm OpenShift as a Service

Docker automates the deployment of applications inside containers. See how this helps flexibility and portability with Basefarm’s OpenShift as a Service.

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