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We know the best consultants have extensive, real-life experience of managed services. Our consultants have learned by doing. Their experience and expertise in managed services comes from working  in the daily operations of complex managed environments. They are accomplished in solving the unexpected problems that can occur in production where customers’ mission critical applications must be available and functioning optimally. They understand the importance of a correct handover to the customer and delivering comprehensive documentation. When launching a customer project, they think proactively about how incidents and changes should be handled at a later stage, even though the project’s ‘now state’ might have a different objective and focus.

Our consultants are specialized in providing expertise and related services to companies that leverage an advanced IT infrastructure (typically high-end cloud solutions) to support their main revenue streams.

Our expert consultants can assist with:

  • Traditional consulting projects; we provide all levels of managed hosting expertise.
  • Transition projects; from assessment and analysis to internet service delivery; from service improvement projects to steady-state service delivery and handover.
  • Off-the-shelf services; release management services, security testing and advisory services, performance testing and advisory services.

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