Basefarm Colocation is a solution that provides you space in our state-of-the-art datacenter and 24/7 access to your systems.

By purchasing colocation from Basefarm, your hardware will be located in a secure datacenter that ensures the highest standards on all infrastructures, making colocation a very attractive and cost-efficient service for businesses where infrastructure is business critical. 

High-value datacenter

Our state-of-the-art datacenters have a focus on delivering unparalleled location, redundancy, disaster recovery, and networking. 

  • Location. All datacenters are located in their own highly-secure buildings in remote locations. This way the whereabouts of your data is secure from anyone outside your stipulated inner circle. The datacenters are physically secured against sabotage and unauthorized access. With two-step access control, video surveillance, and an alarm system connected to a 24/7 security service, the datacenter is literally impregnable. The datacenters are also equipped with state-of-the-art fire suppression systems from Inergen, and advanced systems for climate and particle control—thus completely robust on the inside.
  • Redundancy. The datacenters have built-in redundancy in all parts of the operation. This includes power supplies, cooling, network equipment, connectivity, environmental controls, and security. As a Basefarm client, you can also get redundancy over physical locations, applying the combined strength of both datacenters. 
  • Disaster recovery. In addition to our excellent systems for redundancy, dedicated client teams are put in place to make sure that an outage affecting critical systems is handled speedily and optimally. Your systems will be up-and-running instantaneously even if something does happen. Basefarm has full-coverage expertise and vast experience when it comes to planning and creating systems for disaster recovery. We also continuously do recovery scenario testing to make sure that we are prepared when we need to be.
  • Network and connectivity. Basefarm datacenters ensure the best connectivity possible. Our datacenters are equipped with 10 Gbit redundant internet transit, 10 Gbit redundant peering with NIX/Telia/Comhem and AMS-IX. These levels are also maintained across borders and among our datacenter locations.

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