Cloud Computing


Our cloud services gives you high availability and security. We scale your infrastructure to meet your needs from leading suppliers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS and from our six own datacenters in Europe.

For some, high speed and agility is everything; for others performance, redundancy, and compliance are most important. We supply all of these. To create business value, cloud resources must work seamlessly with the rest of your resources; from storage to development. We provide professional advice and expertise on the cloud services that best fit your industry and business needs. We can take overall responsibility for your solution, supplying managed services designed for your mission critical applications. We design a solution with the level of speed, flexibility, availability, and security that match your business requirements.

Our Cloud offering consists of several cloud environments. All with their own features and benefits. Our specialists are happy to advise you which type suits your requirements best.

Your benefits

  • Increase the efficiency and availability of your applications;
  • Combine cloud with traditional and existing services;
  • Reduce time-to-market by no longer setting up new hardware;
  • On-demand access to a robust, scalable, and secure IT-environment;
  • Reduce CapEx and shift to more predictable OpEx;
  • React to shifting business needs quickly and easily;
  • Sharpen your competitive edge.

Public Cloud

Do you need a large volume of data, want to store it as cost-efficient as possible, and require that it is always available? Our public cloud, a virtual computing platform, offers you the capacity your business needs at any given time. Whether you need a fixed amount of capacity or want to increase or decrease it, we provide you with the resources from Azure or AWS.

Managed Cloud

We manage the  virtual servers used for your mission critical tasks in a scalable and cost-efficient manner when you choose our Managed Cloud offering. The virtual servers are dynamically distributed over several traditional physical servers in two or more datacenters, or in public clouds. You pay for the resources you actually use.

  • A dynamic and scalable cloud services with unparalleled availability
  • You pay per virtual server, CPU, RAM, and disk space
  • Payment is based on consumption: pay-as-you-go

Managed AWS

Basefarm is able to fully manage your Amazon environment. You will benefit from easy scaling abilities, 24/7 monitoring and incident management. In addition, we serve as your single-point-of-contact.

Basefarm is a consulting partner of Amazon Web Services AWS.

Managed Azure

Basefarm is able to fully manage your Azure environment. You will benefit from easy scaling abilities, 24/7 monitoring and incident management. In addition, we serve as your single-point-of-contact.


Private Cloud

If you demand extra security for your cloud-based solution, or are driven by the requirements of your industry legislation; choose our private cloud solution. This ultra-secure cloud platform is located in a segregated environment that fully retains the benefits of all the functionalities the public cloud offers. The difference is that our private cloud provides you increased security for, and full control over, your data.

Our private cloud solution is built with virtual servers on dedicated hardware. You profit from a larger base of resources, without having to pay for everything individually. At the same time you increase your security.


Hybrid Cloud

Public clouds? Private clouds? Dedicated in-house hosting? Sometimes a dedicated cloud solution serves your business best; sometimes a traditional solution excels. Sometimes a combination of these might work even better for you. But finding a good balance between the two is not easy.

For example, there might be issues regarding stability, performance, and security that restrict you from “cloudification”. Sometimes, budget and availability requirements restrict you from using a traditional dedicated solution.

Our hybrid cloud solution combines the best of all worlds. The scalability of public clouds, the security of private clouds, integrated with traditional, dedicated hardware-based platforms.


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