Business Continuity


The speed at which IT changes is constantly increasing. How well do you keep up with the impact new developments have on your environment? Are you getting the best out of your platform? And are you really sure about this?

These questions touch on factors that can have a major impact on your infrastructure, applications, and your profitability. Basefarm’s professional services can give you the answers and can assist you in filling any of the gaps that come to light.

Securing business continuity

Besides managing your mission critical business applications, we offer many professional services to assist you in addressing the difficult technological aspects of securing the continuity of your business.

To guarantee that your technical solution is giving your business the availability and performance it needs, we have dedicated service management professionals in place. They assist you in securing the continuity of your technical solution. Moreover, our performance test and session monitoring tool provide indispensable insight into the performance of your environment.

Maximizing business value

Our top-rated consultants have extensive experience and know-how. They are ready to help you maximize the business value of your solution. Their expertise is available to you for a wide range of complex operational or strategic IT issues, transition transformation services, and other advisory services.

If you are struggling with IT-related issues, feel free to send us a request for information. We will reply with answers that can be of significant interest and value to your business.

We offer

  • Access to a broad spectrum of top rated professionals;
  • Advice on critical technical and streategic topics;
  • Tight integration of our professional services in your IT solution;
  • We ensure end-to-end service availability through operational responsibility and dedicated service management;
  • We ensure continuity of business processes for the customer through automated processes, procedures and customized monitoring.

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