Application Management


Outsourcing to Basefarm lets you benefit from the advantages of our applications expertise, operations competence, and superior technology. You get unparalleled availability, improved operation and maintenance of your core business applications, and a partner that advises you. When these elements are combined, we help you identify and exploit new synergies that enable you to operate more efficiently, while at the same time reducing your costs.

Basefarm Application Management provides:

  • 24/7 availability by leveraging our top-class infrastructure;
  • Unique expertise in the operation and maintenance of mission critical applications;
  • 24/7 dedicated high-touch support;
  • Flexibility and scalability.

The wake-up call you hope you never get

You take the call and learn the bedrock application of your company’s earnings is down. How much do you lose during a one-hour outage of your high-volume mission critical application? How responsive is the service desk you contact for help?  Passive? Indifferent? Apathetic?

Basefarm provides guaranteed 24/7 availability of your mission critical applications. We operate them, monitor them, maintain them, and support them so you never get that call. Our support is engaged and proactive, solving problems before they affect you.

Maximizing end-user experience

We offer you our application management on a wide variety of technologies that include all major application, web, and database servers; and search platforms. You will capitalize on our unique applications expertise and experience. We ultimately want to provide your users the best end-user experience. Concretely, this means that we want to ensure the optimal operation of the applications that your customers use. That is the life-blood of your organization.

Certified Applications vs. Customer Applications  

We classify the applications we manage in two categories: Certified Applications and Customer Applications. They differ in the degree of responsibility Basefarm has for the applications.

We take full responsibility for Certified Applications. These applications must meet Basefarm’s rigorous quality requirements for operability, predictability, scalability, and security. Furthermore, Certified Applications are fully integrated into our tools and application operations environment. For example, they are fully supported by our proprietary configuration management database tool.

We take limited responsibility for Customer Applications. Customer Applications can be proprietary customer-developed applications or, for example, solutions that are new to the market and which have not yet been integrated into Basefarm’s application operations environment. We run them in accordance with an agreement with the customer that covers, for example, what is defined as a problem, how do we know when it has occurred, how do we solve it, etc. The point being that we are truly your engaged and devoted partner.

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