Whitelane Survey Result


Basefarm participated for the first time in 2016 in the Whitelane Survey and came in on an overall fourth place. This in strong competition with both global and Nordic IT service providers. In the IT service provider’s division of data center and managed infrastructure services, the reviews from Basefarm’s customers give Basefarm an impressive number 2 position in the customer satisfaction ranking.  

Basefarm was top ranked in the 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study

Great service delivery score
When taking a deeper look at the Whitelane survey results, and analyzing the eleven KPIs behind the customer satisfaction ranking, it is clear why Basefarm ranks as one of the top IT providers. Basefarm is best in class on the KPI service delivery with 83% of Basefarm’s customers agreeing with the statement “the service delivery is of good quality, e.g. deadlines met, expected service quality, required technical skills.” This is an important KPI, as it has the strongest correlation with general customer satisfaction. The result of 83% is 10 percentage points (pp) higher than the average of 73%.


“Our top ranking position in service delivery is a clear statement that our expertise and processes match the expectations of our customers” says Bjart Kvarme, COO at Basefarm.

First runner-up in account management, price level and innovation
The reviews from Basefarm’s customers give us the first runner-up position for the KPI of account management quality. With an 83% result and just 1 pp behind the winner, our customers agree with the statement “the account management is of good quality.”

“Both our employee’s high expertise and the efficient onboarding process is part of the positive feedback we get from our customers. This makes a strong foundation for a high account management quality,” says Bjart Kvarme.

Cost efficient service delivery
For price level, 83% of Basefarm’s customers agree with the statement “the price for the IT services provided to us is in line with the market.” That gives Basefarm another runner-up position for the KPI price level, just 1 pp behind the winner and 11 pp better than the average.

“This is clearly a result of our focus on a cost efficient service model” continues Bjart Kvarme.

Innovation for the future
Stefan Månsby, Head of Innovation, comments on Basefarm’s runner-up position in the KPI innovation:


“Our high level of expertise and long time experience gives us an advantage when it comes to create unique service offerings. With a 73% score for the statement ‘ability to drive and develop new innovative technologies and services’, it´s clear that our ambition to be at the forefront is clearly reflected with our customers.”


Basefarm view on partnership - whitelane study

Partnerships that last
Another proof of Basefarm’s strong relationship with customers is the high level of contract renewal intentions. 71% of Basefarm’s customers in the Whitelane survey say they are “almost certain” they will renew the contract, and the rest (29%) say they will probably renew. No other IT service providers in the Nordic countries show such a strong response when it comes to renewal intentions.

Outsourcing trends in the Nordic countries
The general customer satisfaction is high in Norway: 74% of the companies in the study are satisfied or very satisfied with the service provider. In Sweden the customer satisfaction is even higher, at 77%. But the winner is Finland with a customer satisfaction level of an impressive 81%. Denmark is almost at the same level with 79%.

Whitelane Research shows that the outsourcing market will continue to grow in the Nordic countries. 46% of the companies in the Nordic study say they will outsource even more in the future. With Norway at the top, 54% of the companies will outsource more.

The reasons to outsource differ between Norway and Sweden. Cost reduction is still a high priority in Norway at 81% due to macroeconomic factors but in Sweden, access to resources is just as important a reason at 61%, as for cost reduction, 61%.


About the 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study

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