*um goes Public Cloud Services: Managed Services for AWS and Azure


We are expanding our portfolio. As an official partner of AWS and Azure, we are now also guiding companies into the public cloud. This makes us the first German IT service provider to offer managed services for solutions from both AWS and Azure, as well as support the entire value-added chain in cloud computing: consultation, conception, migration, implementation, operation and 24/7 service.

The cloud is on the rise

Cloud computing is now a key requirement for most companies. The advantages are obvious: low initial investment in infrastructure and staff, a fast time to market, scalability and high availability.

The top dogs for public cloud services are Amazon (Amazon Web Services, AWS) and Microsoft (Azure). Accessing their cloud solutions is relatively simple, but the difficult thing for companies is in actually selecting the right products and then operating them. Both providers offer over 60 services, but none of these are managed services. Therefore, *um has entered partner programs with AWS and Azure so that clients can receive help and support from recognized service providers.

*um is in the AWS Fast Track Program

Due to the experience and knowledge we have collected over almost ten years as a managed service provider (MSP) for cloud computing, this year we joined the Fast Track Program of AWS. Our employees have passed tests and acquired certificates to become AWS experts, and for 2017 we are striving to become a “Managed Service Provider”, the highest AWS partner status.

We have also recently become an official “Cloud Solution Provider” of Microsoft Azure. The cloud services from Microsoft Azure are relatively young. Therefore, clients – and even most service providers – possess only limited experience in cloud services. This is where *um can help. We create and implement holistic operation concepts for Azure cloud architectures for our clients.

Experience from over 100 cloud projects

“We have been providing managed services for the transformation, operation and 24/7 service of cloud architectures for many years. Now we are also the only German company on the market to provide public cloud solutions from both AWS and Azure,” explains Ravin Mehta, Founder and CEO of *um. “Companies today have an abundance of possibilities when it comes to public clouds. It is therefore of most importance to ensure the vast range of tools available can be used to meet business requirements.”

“We have experience from over 100 client projects involving clouds. Most issues our clients face concern security, legal positions and compliance. However, companies often simply lack the staff and the know-how required for planning and implementing a suitable cloud concept,” adds Mario Apitz, Director of Operations at *um. “We know the exact stumbling blocks and offer our clients help and advice when creating a holistic, hybrid cloud architecture.”

About Basefarm

Basefarm is a European Managed Service Provider. We create market leaders by integrating the key competencies for digital transformation – big data, cloud computing and information security, into one service offering. Our delivery model covers everything from ”idea to cable”; we provide strategic advice, implementation projects and infrastructure operations under one management and on any cloud. Basefarm was founded in 2000 and our team of 530+ top engineers and advisors are servicing global clients from our European offices and data centres in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

Basefarm was top ranked in Whitelane's IT Outsourcing study Nordics 2018 and was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the European Cloud Computing Market 2015 for our unique methodology in application management. The unbelievable Machine Company *um, part of the Basefarm group, was named Innovator of The Year 2018 by German business magazine brand eins Wissen and Data Analytics Leader by ISG Provider Lens Germany 2018.


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