Tech Meetup – Docker summary


Basefarm organized a tech meetup in Oslo, Norway at the 17th of March and in Stockholm, Sweden at the 22nd of March. Jørn Haukøy, General Manager at Gerilja and Stefan Månsby, Head of Innovation at Basefarm gave a presentation based on MinMemoria’s overall solution of where they use Microservices and Docker Container both on a business but also Technical level.

For the Swedish meetup we also invited Magnus Bengtsson, Infrastructure and DevOps at Expressen. He talked about why they use Docker, his learnings and how it works in production. He ended his presentation with a live demo!

Did you miss the chance to participate? Download Jørn Haukøy’s and Stefan Månsby’s presentation here!

You can also see the Norwegian meetup again in the video below (in Swedish and Norwegian language only).