New data center


Basefarm is building Oslo's biggest and greenest data center

Oslo, March 9, 2015 - Basefarm will build a new data center in Lørenskog.

Basefarm plans to invest about 300 million NOK in a new data center over the next five years. 

The data center will be the largest in the Oslo area and utilizes the latest in cooling technology. This will be by far the most energy-efficient data center in Oslo.

"The environmental aspect is emphasized amongst companies that need a datacenter, but are concerned about the costs. Therefore, it is an advantage that green is also cheapest, for us and for our customers", says Bjart Kvarme at Basefarm.

When the datacenter is ready there will be more than 10 megawatts and 6,000m2 of floor space, but there is room for more than ten times the capacity on the property. The first stage of construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. The datacenter will meet very high standards for performance and security. This includes the location, redundancy, disaster recovery and network.

"We see a huge, unmet need for data center in the Oslo area. "Everything" goes digital and more companies realize that a modern and local data center will give them greater security, higher quality and reduced costs", says Bjart Kvarme Basefarm.

The location in Lørenskog is not a coincidence.

"Many of our customers are looking for a data center which is located nearby their own IT operations in order to be flexible with time of travel and to save line costs", says Bjart Kvarme Basefarm.

For more information, please contact:

Bjart Kvarme
COO, Basefarm AS
Tel. 90 74 02 26, e-mail:

Robert Baumann
Marketing Manager, Basefarm AS
Tel. 98 24 25 60, e-mail: