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Press Release April 11th 2017
Basefarm’s cloud will take some of the pressure off Ruter’s computer systems as they partner up to make travelling, ticket purchases and using the travel planner a smoother user experience.

Ruter recently decided to partner up with Basefarm and let them handle the operations for all IT that is crucial for the business. The contract is for three years with a total value of approximately NOK 24 million and is eligible for renewal with an additional five years. Basefarm specializes in IT operations that are critical for everyday business operations; meaning that the entire business comes to a halt if the computer systems fail. Ruter has a comprehensive and complex structure on their computer systems which requires delicate handling. Starting April 2017, the systems will be transferred step-by-step to Basefarm.

“The contract with our former supplier was about to end. With Basefarm, we want to renew and re-structure our IT-operations. Basefarm will, without exception, be responsible for the computer systems that control the user experience at and the apps. The system also controls the information that is displayed at the different bus, metro and train stops,” says Terje Shorhaug, Director of Digital Platforms and Systems for Ruter. He adds: “Basefarm seems to be a safe and secure supplier. They have previous experience with cloud services which is an important key to continuous development of our user services.”

The IT environment that Basefarm is managing is complex, with countless different units; ticket machines, apps, validation units, electronical information signs at the bus stops as well as onboard, WLAN -equipment on depots for up- and downloading data to and from vehicles and communications over the mobile network. Not only is Basefarm assuming responsibility for these areas, they are also in charge of the modernization process of all of it.

“The contract is important for Basefarm, both financially and professionally,” says Øivind Haavik, Senior Account Manager at Basefarm.

“We will re-structure and implement new, user-oriented services, where Ruter is ahead in the technological game. We will simultaneously be taking care of technical operations that need phasing-out, while also maintaining systems on several other technical platforms. We are really getting a chance to show how broad our expertise is,” Haavik says.

There were 319 million onboardings in Ruter’s traffic areas during 2014. This number has steadily increased, and in 2016 there was a total of 350 million onboardings. This means that the number of onboardings increased by over 44 000 every day.

About Ruter

Ruter plans, coordinates, orders and markets public transport in Oslo and Akershus. All operative service is performed by various operating companies that work by contract for Ruter and by NSB with local trains.

Ruter AS is a common management company for public transport in Oslo and Akershus which is owned by Oslo municipality (60 %) and Akershus County Council (40 %).

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