Grethe Viksaas awarded “Leader of the Year”


Basefarm’s chairman and founder Grethe Viksaas received the prestigious “Leader of the Year” award from SHE on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018.

SHE started running conferences in 2015 to pay tribute to and promote women leaders and entrepreneurs. SHE’s goal is to have women think big and be inspired to take the next step on the career ladder or in their own business.

The judging panel stated that “You are a good role model and an inspiration to those around you. Therefore, we have selected you as Leader of the Year at SHE 2018 - good luck in your future endeavours

Watch recording from the award (Grethe is awarded 57 minutes into the recording)

In the summer of 2000, Viksaas founded Basefarm with seven colleagues. The company was to focus on the operation of internet services. After leading the firm from its inception until 2016, she is now chairman of the Basefarm group with 500 colleagues spread across Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

“Throughout my own career, I have competed on the same terms as men and have benefited greatly from looking at situations with a women’s perspective. It is great to receive this recognition. I hope this will inspire others to go all in with what they believe in.”
Grethe Viksaas


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