Avarda creates payment solutions for e-commerce


Press release 

Avarda has choosen Basefarm for the operation of its payment platform for e-merchants. In doing this, Basefarm will continue to grow as an operations supplier within the growing e-commerce sector.

Avarda is a newcomer to e-commerce solutions. The company offers customised payment solutions where the e-merchant’s brand is used throughout the entire payment process. Instead of only managing invoice payments, Avarda offers invoices as an important communication channel for its customers in maintaining relationships with their customers.

But newcomer Avarda is not run by novices; this new company is a joint venture between TF Bank and Intrum Justitia who has long history and experience in theretail segment.

Basefarm will operate the entire IT environment for the ledger system, i.e. the basic system itself as well as a scalable virtual platform that can be quickly adapted to market pressure and expectations.

“We supply customised solutions in accordance with merchant conditions and ensure that our IT system is up and running 24 hours a day, since e-commerce is a 24/7 business and the system needs to be reliable. It is important for us to have a virtual, scalable and flexible solution so we can improve performance as we grow,” says Andreas Jönsson, Vice CEO of Avarda.

As a new company, another factor was getting into the market quickly. Basefarm was chosen based on recommendation.

“It was important for us to move our system away from the environment we had before – as quickly and painlessly as possible. Basefarm is able to manage our data in a way that gives the best possible operational reliability, and it has the capacity to manage high volumes,” says Andreas Jönsson.

“E-commerce is growing rapidly, generating the need for safe, secure and flexible platforms to facilitate e-merchant invoicing. The contract with Avarda follows the prevailing trend among payment service providers, which is moving towards delegating as much responsibility for application operations as possible to an external supplier, allowing companies to free up their own resources for developing new services. It was also nice to be involved from the company’s start,” says Sara Murby Forste, Basefarm’s Country Manager for Sweden. 

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