Certification news at Basefarm


In January, we did a joint audit of our Information Security System (ISO27001) and Environmental Management System (ISO14001) in all our sites in Norway, Sweden and Netherlands - and passed for certification with success!

The auditors did, as always, a thorough work and the conclusion after the audit was: “Basefarm have very mature and well implemented Management Systems in place for both Information Security and the Environment”!

Grethe Viksaas, CEO at Basefarm quote on security news

Statement from our CEO

“Meeting the ISO Auditors is actually one of the most pleasant parts of my job. They seem to be genuinely impressed by the systematic way we work in both areas and how integrated Information Security is in every Basefarmer’s mindset”
-Grethe Viksaas

Some information about our Environmental policy and vision

The environmental policy at Basefarm describes the overarching principles governing its continuous environmental work. Reviewed yearly, the current policy is valid until the next review. 

Basefarm shall be a leading player in its segment when it comes to the provisioning of environmentally friendly IT services.

Basefarm Environmental identified focus areas

  • Energy 
    Through analysis, planning and good processes we define power consumption targets for our data centers, and reduce it as much as practically possible. This helps to reduce the demand of energy, and creates less demand on natural resources. Controlling and reducing our energy consumption enables us to be cost efficient. 
  • Lifecycle management
    We develop processes and tools to control the infrastructure lifecycle, and replace hardware as and when needed which. Accomplished by the latest technology, our processes and tools support the operational functions, saves our staffs time by automating routine tasks, furthermore saves us costs and enables a positive impact on the environment. 
  • Expertise and competency
    We continually try to learn more about our environmental challenges, and our ability to manage them, both short and long term. We strive to be at the environmental forefront in our industry. Our environmental focus awareness arises throughout the whole company and we encourage our people to take action to reduce their environmental impacts. 

Basefarm's Information Security policy and vision

The Information security policy at Basefarm states our stringent information security requirements, applicable to ourselves as well as for our service provision to our customers.

The policy is reviewed and updated yearly, and employees are required to read and sign off all relevant parts.

Basefarm should use and provide flexible security, proportional to risk. This means that security measures should be proportional to the values protected and to the threat to those values. Our security should be secure enough that customers trust it and can depend on it for their business critical assets and services.

Basefarm Information Security identified focus areas

  • Security we can be proud of. Security you can trust.
    Information Security touches every part and department at Basefarm. We work according to a risk-based approach, providing the customer the advantage of being cost-effective through utilizing only the services required for their specific needs. 
  • Prevent, Detect and respond to intrusions.
    Through the implementation of preventive systems, we are able to stop attacks before they turn into incidents.
  • Expertise and competency. 
    While keeping security as a strong mindset throughout the entire organization, we also have security specialists at our hand. Our System Managers and BF-SIRT (Basefarm Security Information Response Team) are on a continuous lookout for vulnerabilities that may affect our customers, giving us the ability to act on vulnerabilities before they turn into incidents.