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Basefarm top-ranked newcomer in Whitelane’s yearly survey

Partaking in the Whitelane 2016 Nordic IT-outsourcing study1 for the first time, Basefarm was top-ranked on customer satisfaction. Competing both with international giants, including a number of Asian companies, Basefarm took a healthy second place on price, and first place on service delivery.


 “We are very proud to be among top 4 best performers in customer satisfaction, and very pleased to see that we are ranked highest in service delivery,” says CEO Grethe Viksaas of Basefarm. 

This is the first time Basefarm has participated in the annual Nordic survey conducted by Whitelane Research and PA Consulting Group. Almost 1,000 of the market’s biggest outsourcing contracts were evaluated to form a basis on which to rank the top 29 Nordic IT outsourcing providers.

Price is a key reason for outsourcing to countries in Asia. Basefarm came in at number two for this criterion. Several Asian companies found themselves beaten by this Northern European company.

“Price is always an important factor, but our ambitions to be the best lie primarily within other areas, such as service quality, for which we achieved the best scores of all. So to come out on top for price is a surprise, but no less pleasing. The overall price and good customer service are ultimately more important to customers than tempting hourly rates are,” states Basefarm’s CEO, Grethe Viksaas.

“With 400 employees, we are a fairly large business by Nordic standards, but we are small by the standards of the companies we are compared with. This means that competence, service level and innovation are key competitive parameters for us. And we scored highly for all of these,” says Viksaas.

1 About the 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study
The 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study is conducted by Whitelane Research and PA Consulting group. Whitelane Research is an independent organization focused on (out)sourcing research and events. Whitelane Research’s unique and extensive annual IT outsourcing studies survey CIOs of the largest IT spending organizations in different countries about their opinion on their outsourcing plans and service providers.


Get a deeper look on the result 

Are you interested in the 2016 Nordic IT outsourcing study? 
Basefarm is happy to help you get a copy from Whitelane Research*

* Whitelane Research are very strict regarding who will receive the study. Therefore, the study is reserved for the end customers, such as as CIO, IT manager, IT responsible and similar positions as well as the people who report to them. Other service providers and consulting firms are asked to contact Whitelane Research directly.


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Basefarm is the leading managed service provider for mission critical business applications. We providehigh-end application managementadvanced technology solutionsenterprise cloud services, andcolocation from our six datacenters in Europe. We host more than 40,000 services reaching over 40 million end users all over the world.

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