Cross channel e-commerce

The e-commerce boom is driving growth in the travel industry across Europe. In recent years, several travel operators have implemented sophisticated planning solutions in the market as a way of effectively selling surplus inventory. This technology has now been moved onto new channels. Key technologies in this area will be those that allow of new channels to be integrated with the Internet, such as mobile phones and tablets, use of electronic coupons for discounts, online product recommendation engines, cross-sales tools and price engines. Examples include detached ticket machines for train conductors, GPS toolkits for trucks, and mobile devices for pilots.

Efficiency in the cloud

Cloud computing is a significant technology for the travel industry. Large airline companies and travel corporations with locations across several countries are applying cloud technology in order to easily set up new hubs, thereby leveraging the many advantages of receiving IT services from the cloud rather than from a single data center/location.

Our experience tells us

Major technological shifts in the last decade have replaced “old fashioned” travel agencies with online travel agents to maximize the travel-shopping experience and minimize costs. 

Traveling itself has also become easier. By eliminating the need for paper tickets, travel companies have reduced their use of valuable resources thus benefiting the environment while generating savings for themselves and for their consumers. Also, top notch technology has made the travel industry safer than ever.

As a result, availability and consumer trust are intertwined, and travel operators need 100% uptime now more than ever. We have extensive experience in working with some of the most cutting-edge travel operators in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. All are businesses with heavy traffic loads, a rapid rate of change, and a need for constant availability.

We help the travel industry maintain customer trust in their services. This supports their customers in their quest to keep discovering the world.