Disruption and efficiency focus

The media and communication industries continue to be an ever-changing industry. However, the wave of tech startups and entrepreneurs are disrupting business-as-usual more than ever. 

According to Gartner, Major communication service providers (CSPs) are challenged by smaller companies that attempt to compete directly with existing services or to create substitutes. This means that the existing players need to be able to cut costs to compete with smaller and more dynamic operations. At the same time, these companies must show how they can meet customer requirements better than the disruptive technologies do.

Making big data small enough to matter

The media and communication industries recognize the need for applying big data in order to extract information on customers and customer behavior. They are also looking to social media to understand, target, and engage with the customer. However, the overall use of big data in profiling customer groups is still extremely limited. Nevertheless, the amount of data created by the industry overall is enormous, and the demand for systems that can store this data securely and still make it available for analysis is bigger than ever.

Increased spend on IT and outsourcing to cut costs

According to Gartner, new media companies, such as Web portals, social networks, as well as traditional media firms in cable, broadcasting, advertising, and entertainment, indicate growth in spending on hardware, software, and IT services. At the same time, the traditional publishing sector, which faces revenue decline and migration into digital platforms, is looking to outsourcing to cut costs. 

Experience tells us

No industry has such unpredictable user patterns as the media industry. In one sense, instability is the foundation of the whole industry—uncertainty, surprises, and shocks drive the media business while making it exciting. Suddenly a news story can break, and the online traffic can go from zero to astronomical figures in a few seconds.

Basefarm makes sure that the technical solutions are stable, even when surroundings are not. We build highly scalable solutions to make sure that our customers can handle peaks in a cost-efficient way.