Decentralization of IT-systems

Gartner (2013) show that healthcare is shifting toward a decentralized approach: most governments across the region are moving to a decentralized management and budgeting approach, especially in Northern Europe. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other health care institutions are encouraged to choose their own systems in an effort to ensure efficiency.  A good example of this is Denmark. The Danish government now allows municipalities and regions to choose their own systems. In the Netherlands, the National IT Institute for Healthcare sets the standards and leaves the choice of systems to various hospitals.

Growth of private healthcare

All over Europe there has been a massive structural change in the healthcare market. The expansion of private healthcare providers influences the local dynamics of most European markets. An example is France where more than 35% of all hospital beds are now in private hands. This gives greater fragmentation in the health care sector, which again potentially can put a higher pressure on cost and efficiency in this sector than in the other public sectors. For IT-providers, this is a very interesting development because IT will become an important competitive advantage in the private health care market. 

Our experience tells us

When you talk about systems for public health, good is not really good enough. Systems simply must not fail. This is why Basefarm has become increasingly popular with stakeholders in the public sector. We build systems which are capable of handling the high standards of the health sector, while enabling doctors and nurses to cease “worrying about IT” while saving lives.

We offer overall solutions within the public sector. Basefarm offers improved cost efficiency—you are able to pay per use, which is just what the health sector needs. To provide services 24/7 to the people who need it the most, high demands are placed on security and stability within the operating environment. This is what Basefarm delivers. We shine when good is not enough and perfect is the only option.