Cost optimization is more important than ever

Governments across Europe are pressured on the cost level because of weak financial development and associated budget cuts. To maintain a robust IT-infrastructure on the government side, the focus on cost optimization is more important than ever. This also leads to a closer look at most existing vendor contracts in order to find cost savings. According to Gartner, the UK’s National Audit Office alone has claimed to have saved £410 million from cost-reduction initiatives the last two years.

A single point of contact

Governments are looking to transform government services across the online and citizen interface. In Norway, such a service has existed for several years. Basefarm handles the Altinn platform, which is Europe’s largest government portal, and the goal for this portal has been to put in place a single point of contact for all issues related to government transactions. Germany (the D115 project) and the U.K (“Digital by default”) are now following suit with similar projects to improve the quality of citizen interactions.

Experience tells us

Cost control is just one of the key concerns facing public sector executives. Swift improvements, uptime guarantees, and compliance to security standards are also of vital importance. We offer overall solutions within the public sector. We offer you to pay per use, which has become very popular with key stakeholders within this sector.

We have extensive experience with e-government. We handle the operation of Altinn, Europe’s largest government portal, for example. To offer services 24/7, high demands are placed on security and stability within their operating environment. Basefarm meets those demands.