Increased risk requires higher IT-security

To operate as efficiently as possible, the energy sector is embracing networked infrastructures. This makes them more dependent on vendor products and services. According to Energy Digital, the sector is only now coming to terms with the potential risks created by increased reliance on the technology supply chain.

The energy sector is therefore increasingly focused on developing customized, comprehensive security risk management plans tailored to these changing circumstances. A recent ABI Research study predicted that cyber-attacks against oil and gas infrastructure will cost companies $1.87 billion by 2018. This puts higher demands on IT vendors in this sector than ever before.

Future competitive advantages depend on technological innovation

The energy sector has embraced the use of new technology related to mobility, cloud computing, and knowledge management to create competitive advantages. Both when it comes to applying mobility opportunities on the operation side or through mobile applications to build stronger customer relationships, the speed of technological innovation is increasing.

This development swells the amount of data produced. According to Gartner (2013), the energy sectors focus on smart grid development will increase the quantity of data by several orders of magnitude, so will new IT applications such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), synchrophasors, smart appliances, microgrids, advanced distribution management, remote asset monitoring, event avoidance, and self-healing networks.  These shifts create increased demand for sophisticated data warehouse solutions, while increasing security risks and privacy issues.

Experience tells us

If you want to conquer the energy market, cost efficiency is key. When selling homogenous products, for example, you have to be competitive on price, efficiency, and stability. If not, customers will buy somewhere else.

Go for all the advantages available! This is why increasing efficiency and reducing costs through the outsourcing and automation of IT-services should be important for your business.

We ensure a perfect match between your IT-solutions and your business model, making sure that you never lose track of your costs. Consequently, you can stay ahead of your competitors, without having to look back.