1.               COOKIES
1.1             What are cookies?

By using the website you consent to that Basefarm stores cookies on your computer. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer while you are browsing a website.

1.2             Basefarm’s use of cookies

Basefarm uses cookies to facilitate your use of our website. This includes using the information collected by the cookies to confirm your login and to remember personalised details and to facilitate the availability of the services on the website.

Cookies are also used to collect information on how the website is used. In addition, with our cooperation partners we collect anonymous information of which browsers that visit the website to show relevant advertising (interest based advertising).

1.3             Manage your cookies      

Most browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. By changing your browser’s settings you can choose between accepting cookies, receiving information when a cookie is placed, or blocking cookies. The way to manage cookies may differ between browsers, but normally the menu is reached through tools or alternatives. If you decide to block Basefarm’s cookies, this may limit the functionality of the website.

You can find more information about cookies and how to delete or block cookies on the website

1.4             More detailed information

Cookie Cookie used and domain Typ of Cookie What does it do? How long is the cookie saved?


Session cookie The cookie is used to keep information (not password) about the site editors (Basefarm marketing department) The cookie is deleted after each session.

Google Analytics

[_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, _ga][Google domain] Link Link Link

Pardot, visitor_id128211, lpv128211

Third party cookie Link The cookie is deleted after each session.


Third party cookie Link 10 months