Consultancy expertise


Basefarm Consultancy Services are specialized in providing expertise and related services to companies that leverage an advanced IT infrastructure (typically high-end cloud solutions) to support their main revenue streams.

Our expert consultants can assist with:                                     

  • Traditional consulting projects; we provide all levels of managed hosting expertise.
  • Transition projects; from assessment and analysis to internet service delivery; from service improvement projects to steady-state service delivery and handover.
  • Off-the-shelf services; release management services, security testing and advisory services, performance testing and advisory services.

Traditional consulting

For traditional consulting projects we can deliver all necessary competence you need to successfully complete your IT infrastructure project. Our team of consultants include:

  • Technical specialists;
  • Architects;
  • Project and program managers;
  • Strategy consultants.

Our technical specialists are highly skilled in AIX, HPC, Linux, PowerVM, VMware, storage, scripting, security, servers, virtualization, webservers, and Windows just to name a few. Our architects will share their expertise with you and advise you on topics like big data, cloud, datacenters, end-to-end IT architecture, operations, release management, virtualization, etc.

If you run transition projects or need help with change- and release management, our project and program managers are ready to support you. They also have extensive knowledge of and experience with ITIL topics, migrations, and PCI DSS issues. For instance, whenever you need advice on IT-infrastructure-related strategies, or would like to do a benefit analysis, our strategy consultants will work with you as advocates and partners. They are experts on the latest technology and technology-related business trends.


Transition projects

Basefarm helps many companies prepare for outsourcing and then smoothly make the transition. We call these ‘transition projects’. A typical transition project consists of several steps to ensure a passage to successful outsourcing.

We begin with an assessment to get more insight into your current technology, environment, and resources. We review these aspects of your operation and summarize our findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report.

Next, we put together a team and deliver services on the ‘as is’ infrastructure and processes. This team usually combines existing and new resources.

In the third step, the transition and transformation phase, we optimize your infrastructure, scale it if necessary, perform a risk analysis, and make sure the solution serves your business needs. We put the proper elements into production and keep the lines of communication open to make sure all parties involved are constantly updated.

During the second-to-last phase, called steady-state service delivery, we test the service model after transformation and before handover. We also start measuring the predefined KPIs to determine the level of success.

During the final phase we do a handover of the finished project to the internal organization, outsourcing partner, and/or both.


Off-the-shelf services

Besides tailor-made solutions, Basefarm also offers more standardized consultancy services like release management workshops. These workshops train your organization in more successfully rolling out releases, reducing possible errors during releases, and controlling of your costs.

When implementing changes in your mission critical business applications and infrastructure, you want to avoid any negative impact on the end-user experience. Our performance testing and advisory service helps you understand how your solution performs before you put it into production. It’s a cost-effective way to proactively prevent potential problems.

Preventing security glitches and subsequent damage to your brand image is of the utmost importance. Our security testing and advisory services ensure that best-practice security testing is part of your release management process. We can perform security tests regardless of the type of infrastructure you currently use.


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