We love consultants


This may sound a bit strange, but we really love consultants; and we will explain why.

When developing new features, functionalities, or applications for their mission critical infrastructure, most of our customers work together with in-house developers and/or hired consultant developers. During the development process, we provide them with the necessary information about the underlying infrastructure solution, how their applications are performing, and how they can be improved. In essence, the developers can completely focus on the development since we take care of the operations.

These days, companies increasingly adopt DevOps to aid them in release management by standardizing development environments. DevOps is a software development method that focuses on communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals. Its aim is to help an organization rapidly produce software products and services. During the development process, we collaborate intensively with the developers to make sure the infrastructure supports this rapid production of new products and services.

Consultants appreciate a structured way of working

Our core business is managing our customers’ company-critical business applications and infrastructures. This is supported by predefined processes, procedures, documentation, and a clear division of responsibilities to guarantee quality, transparency, and to manage customer expectations. Besides customers, consultants fully appreciate this structured way of working because there are no ambiguities concerning responsibilities. Everyone understands what is expected from her/him during projects, implementations, releases, and changes. Thus, we eliminate so-called ‘grey areas’, which normally account for unexpected actions and, therefore, frequently delay delivery.

Consultants love us too

Because we also provide consulting services to our customers, we thoroughly understand what is expected from a consultant. We have vast experience with working together with multiple parties on one solution while maintaining clear lines of responsibilities. The developers can fully concentrate on their job, and we support them at the infrastructural level.

Single point of contact when needed

A complex solution often consists of many components from different vendors. This results in a complex tangle of parties working together on the same solution and maintaining and managing all available resources. Our customers often want to have a smart partner who can help them make the right technological decisions and implement them in an optimal and secure way. Here again we come into play. To assist our customers this complex task, we can take on the role of client representative and ensure that problems resolved in a structured, efficient, and cost-effective manner—Basefarm is your single point of contact.