UNICEF works with children's rights, helping children around the world receive protection, health, and education. We at Basefarm support UNICEF in their efforts to help improve the situation of children worldwide. Together we make a real difference for the children. In a global world we are dependent on each other.

Those who need the gift most

For the past several years, we have sent Christmas greetings to our customers and friends, but donated our Christmas-gift money to UNICEF to support their work with children. We have not chosen to support a specific project. Instead, we have let UNICEF  decide how the money should be used. We believe that our customers appreciate the fact that we are helping those who need it the most, and it is important to our employees that we concretely demonstrate that we care about others.

Social responsibility

We think UNICEF is a fantastic, professional organization that, since its inception, has created and driven many important projects to help build a world in which the rights of every child are realized. For us at Basefarm, it is important to share in supporting this work. We believe in the importance of social responsibility because we know how dependent we are on each other. We are glad to help and to contribute to giving children around the world a better life through UNICEF.