Recycling IT equipment


How can we make the best use of the ever-growing accumulation of old IT equipment?

These days, it feels like we change IT equipment more frequently than we change our underwear (figuratively, of course). Servers, for example, are depreciated over 36 months; after which they are replaced by newer ones. No wonder the mountain of old IT equipment gets larger every day.

Corporate social responsibility is is taken very seriously at Basefarm, so we thought carefully about how we could make good use of old IT equipment. We have come up with what we believe is a viable solution. First, we want to eliminate the risk of devices being junked with data still on them. So, when old hardware is on its way out, we ensure that each device is completely wiped clean of stored data. After all the data has been removed, we ship the hardware to a company that monetizes the recycling and channels the money to charity.

And we drive our corporate responsibility to an even higher level than simply having our old equipment recycled. When we buy new or replace old hardware, we do so in accordance with our Green IT strategy. For us, it is important to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible. Large internet platforms require large amounts of server capacity and easily become major consumers of energy. Our environmental approach, which covers everything from IT equipment to how we run our datacenters and solutions, contributes to making the IT industry greener.

Since day one, we have designed our solutions to make them as energy-efficient as possible. We have succeeded by using innovative technical solutions in both our basic architecture and individual customer solutions. By automating and using shared components, we minimize the number of servers required and reduce the overall energy consumption.

Recycling of excess heat from our datacenters

We use free cooling in all our data centers, and they are all located in Scandinavia. This is partly for security, but also because our climate automatically provides cooling that can be used in the datacenters. Our newest and largest datacenter, located in Oslo, Norway, is a good example of smart, green IT. Most of the year, this data center is cooled by nature. Any excess heat is stored for heating when heating is necessary. In our Stockholm datacenters, we use energy from an energy company for cooling. The excess heat in the data center is then recycled in the form of hot water that the energy company uses in their production of heat.

Basefarm is ISO 14001 certified.