Magnus Carlsen


When the reigning world champion in chess, Magnus Carlsen, needs to train his razor-sharp brain, it is essential to have equipment and data processing capacity that can bear the load and are always available. So Carlsen turned to Basefarm to ensure optimal preparation for last autumn’s World chess championship in Chennai, India. We helped the Norwegian chess virtuous to emerge victorious.  

An essential part of keeping the title of the world’s best chess player is preparation. Nowadays, chess players prepare using PCs and the internet. The chess programs Carlsen uses simply require more computing power than a normal PC can provide. To secure the required power, speed, availability, and security, Carlsen chose to place his chess applications on Basefarm servers, always accessible in the Basefarm cloud.

“In chess, being the best requires both mental and physical exercise. Being absolutely sure that I can access my chess programs anytime and anywhere gives me the security I need in my preparations,” explains Magnus Carlsen.

Already at the age of 13, Magnus Carlsen became an international grandmaster in chess. In January 2012, he became the youngest player ever to be number one in the world rankings . November 6-26, 2013, he met the former world champion, Viswanathan Anand, to battle for the World Chess Championship. A battle that Carlsen won.

In it for the long-term

Basefarm CEO Grethe Viksaas is thrilled to be working with the Mozart of chess.

“This is enormously exciting for us. When we received the request from Magnus and his team, we had no doubt that this was something we wanted to be part of,” says Viksaas.

Viksaas is looking forward to a long-term partnership with the world's best chess player, who is also Norway's first world champion in chess.

“We’re happy that we were able to help Magnus fulfilling his dream of becoming the world champion, and we want to help him retain the title for many years to come,” says Grethe Viksaas.