Since 2013, Basefarm has been a full member of the global security organization FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), an umbrella organization that brings together trusted computer-incident security teams from around the world. Membership in FIRST enables our incident management and SIRT-team to work faster and more effectively by accessing and distributing security-related information between FIRST-members and the security community at large.

FIRST aims to facilitate collaborative incident management to quickly tackle and prevent incidents, and facilitate the exchange of information between FIRST-members. The organization has accepted us as a full member. This means that we have met FIRST’s stringent security standards – which are driven by the level of trust demanded by the other FIRST-members to share security-related information. Thus, we have joined the ranks of organizations such as Apple, AT&T, Ernst & Young, IBM, INTERPOL, Juniper, NASA, Paypal, Symantec, Visa, and VeriSign.

Through our membership, we can more effectively respond to security incidents – even ones that are not yet known publicly - and work proactively with other organizations.  For many years, we have worked intensively with security issues, and our membership is another step in strengthening our position within the security field. It is also proof that we have all the required procedures and routines in place and meet the high security standards demanded by FIRST.