EuroCloud is an independent non-profit organization consisting of a two-tier structure in which every European country can apply to participate if they agree to follow the EuroCloud Statutes. In less than three years, 30 countries now have a EuroCloud presence; and, in 21 European countries, a local EuroCloud association has been formally established.

EuroCloud’s mission

The mission of EuroCloud Europe is to heighten awareness of cloud computing throughout society and to take an active role in the design of cloud-industry processes and standards. Furthermore, EuroCloud wants to build a pan-European contact and knowledge-sharing network for companies that have interests in cloud computing, either as a vendor/provider or facilitator/aggregator for the eco system as a whole. EuroCloud also aims to build a strong relationship with European authorities like the European Commission and European Parliament to promote a favorable environment for the development and growth of the cloud computing industry. Finally, EuroCloud’s mission is to position the interests of the cloud industry within existing information technology associations.

Basefarm and EuroCloud

Our collaboration with EuroCloud goes back a long way. We are, for example, co-founder of EuroCloud Sweden and one of our Basefarm colleagues is Vice President of the local EuroCloud association.

Together with the other members, we support EuroCloud’s initiatives and actively contribute to its mission by addressing and discussing industry-related topics, by advising on and collaborating with the national Swedish government on topics that might impact the local cloud computing industry,  and by maintaining strong relationships with other relevant associations.