At Basefarm, security is a consideration that permeates our entire operation. This means we focus on security in everything we do; from how we construct architectures to how we implement our processes and procedures.

Few providers offer a full spectrum of operations services and security. In general, a customers may bring in a security expert when security concerns force them to, or if they want to review their operational security. In contrast, Basefarm mandates the active participation of a security advisor in all aspects of our delivery. We have a SIRT-team that handles security incidents and proactively follows vulnerabilities. In addition, our SIRT-team has frequent contacts with organizations like NorCERT and CERT-SE, the national CERTs of Norway and Sweden, to discuss security-related topics and to share knowledge and experience.

NorCERT is a department in the Norwegian National Security Authority and coordinates preventative work and responses to IT security breaches aimed at vital infrastructures in Norway.

CERT-SE is Sweden’s national Computer Security Incident Response Team that aims to support the community in efforts to deal with and prevent IT incidents. Operations are conducted at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

Together with other CERT-teams, we are now working on starting a national CERT-group in Sweden. The objective of this group is to support each other on security-related issues and to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of security in Sweden.